Friday, November 2, 2007

Adventure Seventeen

Well, with this post I will have completed all 23 things - and just in the nick of time, I might add.

I would definetly welcome more opportunities for another such discovery exercise.

As we have learned during this journey, our world is changing faster than ever. I am happy and not the least bit surprised that those in the Library world are keeping up.

Thanks again to the blog team for all of their efforts.

I will be moving to the 24th thing and revisiting some of the sites and ideas covered in the first 23 I am sure.

It has also been fun and elightening to talk with other staff members about their 2.0 experiences.

Adventure Sixteen

I am probably one of the biggest fans of our e-audio books and am always glad to see the number of uses go up on the monthly Library statistics report.

I am hopefull we will see the numbers continue to grow.

Sure makes my half hour commute to and from work enjoyable - not to mention all of my pesky chores at home that go much quicker when I am listening to a book.

Adventure Fifteen

Here is a podcast site created by the University of Arizona known as the Library Channel. They have some interesting dialog with regard to how the Librarians are doing training for students in the classroom about new technologies at the Library.

Their Library Chanel was created to keep their staff and faculty up to date with their goings on.

Interesting ideas. Podcast link is as follows

Adventure Fourteen

YouTube certainly has a lot of content. There might be a point that the Library would want to share a video clip of one of our programs or a message we might want to get out. Maybe sharing one of our Baby Brilliant training sessions - or some back ground about the concept and program?

Golf is one of our hobbies and here is a clip of the World's greatest golfer with some of his best shots.

Nobody does it like Tiger Woods. Fore.................

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Adventure Thirteen

I looked at the google site for documents.

Again - I think that having a document available online that could be shared might prove helpful at some point to the Library.

Adventure Twelve



I can see how Zoho would be helpful.  Also being able to create something in HTML or take something from a Word file to a PDF file and vice a versa is something that I have wanted to do on more than one occassion. 


Also - being able to share a document on the web from any pc has good potential that I can see the Library possibly using.






Adventure Eleven

Well I have posted a favorite vacation place in the sand box - and it's Siesta Key Florda. (Can't beat the beach there).

Also posted my blog under the general favorites listing.

Gilgore has been there!